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    Nickelodeon Experience at Azul Hotelsby KarismaThe Nickelodeon Experience at Azul Hotels by Karisma allows kids to vacation with their favorite Nickelodeon characters, including Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kids are awed by a custom check in, Nickelodeon Concierges, a Nick Toy Lending Library and special Nickelodeon themed amenities. Families can dine with characters, enjoy meet and greets, and let loose in the themed Azulitos Playhouse by Nickelodeon.

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    Siddall also looked at “core housing needs,” which means you spend 30 per cent or more of your income on housing. “Severe core housing needs” means you are spending more than 50 per cent of your before tax income on housing. And, he noted, Metro Vancouver is among the highest in the country on both counts..

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    This needs to change. All British Columbians with Type 1 diabetes, who are medically eligible, should be able to receive an insulin pump regardless of their age. This is not about offering government paid insulin pumps to all people with Type 1 diabetes only those who are medically approved would be eligible.

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