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    March 15, 2017 /  Sports & Athletics

    Benefits of Sporting Activities for Your Kids

    Having your kids play sports will not only get them to become more physically active, it also teaches them a ton of life lessons that they can use when they grow older. If you want children to become more active and confident have them participate in sporting activities such as Basketball, Tennis and Football. In order to strengthen their muscles and improve physical fitness as a whole, children should have at least sixty minutes of physical activity every day. You should let them engage in bone strengthening activities like Soccer, Basketball and Netball or any other free sporting activity that the whole family can enjoy.

    Better Health Later in Life
    Speaking of long term, one of the best things you can get from playing sports is good health. Kids who have been exposed to playing sports are more likely to continue that sport or another form of physical activity later in life, making it easier for them to keep their weight in check and their cardiovascular system healthy.

    Increase in Confidence
    Having kids participate in competitive sports like football will help them gain and build self-awareness and self-confidence. Through these competitive sports, children gain confidence when they excel and help build it by striving to become better for the team. Those who learn to accept criticism at a young age have more opportunities to grow and better themselves.

    Better Social Skills and Teamwork
    Children who compete in team sports will learn the skills needed to work together. They also learn to comfort, encourage and empathise with those who are in their team. Children can also find long-term friends during these times and find a secondary support system outside their family. Children also learn how to cope with disappointment and failure and these life lessons will stand by the child for years to come. Following instructions form coaches also teaches children to respect and follow figures of authority. Sports is also something that almost anyone can relate to and talk about in other social settings.

    Children love to have fun and playing sports is something that both kids and adults can enjoy doing. These regularly scheduled sporting activities is definitely a sure way of achieving all the benefits mentioned above but you should not forget that they are only kids and what matters most to them is to have fun and just be silly.

    There are rarely any drawbacks to playing sports, so if your child shows any interest in a certain sport in Glasgow, do not be afraid to encourage them and let them enjoy the outdoors.

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