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    The object of their fury is the agreement on arms inspections signed by Mr. Annan and Mr. Hussein.

    No one needs convincing that Iraq’s dictator is untrustworthy. But if he fails to abide by the terms of the latest agreement, President Clinton would cheap jerseys still have the option to order an attack. The huge American force assembled in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf remains in place.

    Mr. Annan does not deserve grief for attempting to break the stalemate between Iraq and the United States peacefully. Mr. Clinton should be praised for resisting the temptation to strike. goals were met. Security Council and government leaders in the Middle East.

    The consensus is that the agreement is worth testing. Mr. Hussein http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ signed on to the proposition that the United Nations will have immediate, unconditional and unrestricted access” to any site in Iraq that the weapons inspectors choose. That is what the United States had insisted on and was ready to go to war over.

    The United Nations Special Commission will retain its operational control of all inspections. Richard Butler, chief of the weapons inspection effort, said the agreement makes me and my organization feel strong.” Even House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican, has gone along with the Clinton Annan plan.

    It’s sad to see Senate Republican leaders trying to torpedo this attempt to avert war. Mr. Lott and Mr. Helms did not say what they would have done if they were in Mr. Clinton’s shoes. They do not have the responsibility of conducting foreign policy. It’s always easier to criticize when you are in the political opposition.

    Bashing the United Nations and its secretary general is particularly galling in the current circumstance. Without the Security Council resolutions following the Persian Gulf War, there would not have been weapons inspections in Iraq and there would be no legal standing for the United States to attack that country.

    The agreement with Mr. Hussein is fine on paper. There are no apparent flaws in the wording. In the next few days, the Security Council will approve an implementing resolution. The inspections will resume, and the world will witness if Mr. Hussein will abide by what he signed.

    It would be in his interest to do so because that’s the only way he may eventually get what he says he really wants the lifting of international sanctions against Iraq.

    Iraq represents an immediate menace, but the absence of peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors is a long term threat with potentially terrible consequences. Instability in this strategically crucial region is guaranteed so long as the core issue revolving around Israel and the Palestinians remains in limbo.

    Mr. Hussein’s regime is clearly the most brutal, but Iraq is not the only Middle Eastern country that has, or is planning to have, weapons of mass destruction. How courageous it would be if Mr. Lott, Mr. Helms and the Clinton administration united in ending not only the Iraqi nightmare, but in making certain that all countries in the Middle East have no chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

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