• Cheap shrimp for a party comes with a heavy human cost

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    food stores and retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Dollar General and Petco, along with those of restaurants such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

    It also entered the supply chains of some of America best known seafood brands and pet foods, including Chicken of the Sea and Fancy Feast, which are sold in grocery stores from Safeway and Schnucks to Piggly Wiggly and Albertsons. AP reporters went to supermarkets in all 50 states and found shrimp products from supply chains tainted with forced labour. (The Guardian, Dec. 14, 2015)

    The report also identifies Safeway, Target, and Sprouts Farmer Market as corporations participating in this labor abuse by purchasing products created through human slavery. Among other reasons is the perception that trafficking is mostly sex trafficking and that http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ it is done abroad in distant locales. In fact, the globalized world has made it very challenging to not participate in human trafficking not sex trafficking, necessarily, but labor trafficking. Especially since it occurs in the labor chains that process and produce some of the most popular brands that you and I consume here in the Grand Valley.

    So it is essential that we understand that if we are purchasing products made where workers are exploited, we are contributing to the conditions for further exploitation. State Department annual report on human trafficking:

    in persons and trafficking have been used as umbrella terms for the act of recruiting, harboring, transporting, providing, or obtaining a person for compelled labor or commercial sex acts through the use of force, fraud or coercion[.. Department of State, 2014)

    In our ever more globalized world, multi lateral trade agreements oblige one country to receive products from another with little, if any, control over working conditions, environmental protections, or human rights guarantees. An AFL CIO critique of our government lax enforcement of labor abuses occurring within the borders of trading partners demonstrates that we should not expect strong oversight of the industries practices abroad:

    Is it acceptable that we ignore where the seafood we eat comes from and under what conditions it is processed? Is it OK to be beating workers, in some cases to death, restraining them from leaving their worksites? Is it a good business practice for women workers to be raped? Or for their wages to be withheld? Are we all right with children being forced to live and work in sub human conditions so we can get cheap shrimp for our Super Bowl parties?

    If we feel that it is unacceptable for human slavery to be employed to process our food, I urge you and all of us to contact cheap jerseys the store managers and public relations representatives at Walmart, City Market, Kroger, Red Lobster, Whole Foods, Safeway, Target, and Sprouts Farmer Market (which are all accused of purveying shrimp processed in Thailand by Gigs) and ask them what they intend to do to guarantee to us, their customers, that we are not collaborating with human trafficking.

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