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    Shelley Kincaid recalled getting out of a moving car one time when she saw four Persian rugs on the lawn of a woman’s garage sale. Kincaid, who is also an interior designer, said she knew they were Baluchi rugs and were selling for $15 each. Kincaid bought all four for $60.

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    Just demonized it up and down made it impossible to even have the conversation, added McKitrick. Turned it into a really dirty word and that had the effect of shutting down the whole discussion even before it began which, of course, led to a lot of really bad decision making. The lessons translate directly over to Alberta.

    The new bank, with its corporate board in Charlottesville, will have 24 directors: 12 from the former FNB and 12 from VFGI. Seems like a lot of directors. I guess this is what they mean by “a merger of equals.” Under the sale scenario, Heath becomes chairman of the corporate board in Charlottesville.

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