Robocoin Bitcoin StockNot terribly long after launching the first bitcoin ATM in the United States, Robocoin today announced the launch of another bitcoin ATM in North America’s largest shopping mall on Thursday, February 26th.

The location is the highest-traffic venue in which a Robocoin ATM is installed, and it’s the West Edmonton Mall in Canada’s Alberta province. According to Robocoin, the machine will be at Entrance 50 near the Second Cup Coffee Shop.  This 5.3 million square foot facility is visited by over 30 million people annually, and could be considered to be the size of a small city.

“We’re really excited about opening Robocoin in the largest mall in North America–our highest traffic venue to date,” said Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley. “The high profile location perfectly supports Robocoin’s goal of bringing bitcoin to masses.”

The mall is home to over 800 retail stores, has 10 world-class attractions (which includes a water park), 100 dining locations, 2 hotels, and believe it or not, is accredited as a zoo.

The new location will be an opportunity for individuals not familiar with bitcoin to buy the digital currency with traditional fiat currency, and exchange it back to fiat with ease.

The first bitcoin ATM in the world was installed by Robocoin in a downtown Vancouver coffee shop. In the first month of service, the device did over $1 million in transactions.

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