Kentucky Town to Pay Police Chief in Bitcoin

Jayanand Sagar | December 3, 2013 | 9:42 pm

Kentucky Town to Pay Police Chief in Bitcoin

Jayanand Sagar | December 3, 2013 | 9:42 pm

Chief Tony Vaughn Vicco

A small town in Kentucky by the name of Vicco will be paying its police chief in bitcoin following the passing of an ordinance that allowed Chief Tony Vaughn to take home his salary in the digital currency, a month after the Chief appeared before commission to request the change.

The town, populated by under 400 people was recently featured on a bit on Comedy Central program The Colbert Report. Although the bit featured Vicco, Kentucky, there was no mention of this news as the segment was related to the town’s openly gay mayor.

“We done a checkup on it, and that’s the way he wants paid, and that’s the way the city is going to pay him,” said Commissioner Claude Branson to the Hazard-Herald. The town will deduct state and federal taxes prior to converting Vaughn’s pay to bitcoin. Vaughn expects to begin receiving his bitcoin salary as early as this month.

“I’m excited about it; it’s a first for Vicco again, said Vaughn, who’s referring to an ordinance passed this year that prevents discrimination against individuals because of their sexual orientation.

Here’s the bit we referred to:

The Colbert Report
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