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  • luger

    US Olympic Luge Team Welcomes Bitcoin Donations

    As Olympians in Pyeongchang, Korea perform to huge audiences in the popular events of skying, snowboarding and hockey. Less popular US lugers have turned to Bitcoin to fuel their sleds. Bitcoin funds US luge team The USA Luge Foundation began campaigning for donations of Bitcoin using Medium since December of 2017....

    John McMahon | February 14, 2018 | 5:30 am
  • BetChain

    BetChain Is Bringing Olympic Gold Right To Your Screen!

    Usually, when you spin you do it for the jackpot. BetChain is upping the ante, bringing you a chance to score Olympic Gold together with the jackpots! As the competition is set to start in Rio, BetChain has decided to hold its own games so that you can...

    Jayanand Sagar | August 5, 2016 | 2:30 pm
  • Uncategorized

    Dogecoin Turns A Year Old: Refuses to Roll Over and Play Dead

    Dogecoin is currently wagging its tail and making a wish as it blows out the candles on a large piece of cake.  What does it wish for?  Probably another productive year… Popular digital currency dogecoin is now one year old, and despite its ups and downs, the dog-faced cryptocurrency...

    Guest Author | December 8, 2014 | 3:52 pm
  • Uncategorized

    Dogecoin Raises $25,000 Jamaican Attend Winter Olympics Sochi

    This weekend, a news story broke that indicated that the Jamaican bobsleigh team qualified for the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia — but there was a slight problem. There wasn’t enough money to pay for the trip to Russia. Winston Wyatt, who pilots the sled, managed to...

    Jayanand Sagar | January 20, 2014 | 12:29 pm

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