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Listen to the files below on your computer or audio player, for FREE! We hope they help build your faith!

If you find these talks helpful, please consider supporting our mission to promote men's faith and fellowship. Keep us in your prayers, and consider making a donation with our printable donation form.

Would you like a set of annual Conference talks, all in CD-quality audio, shipped right to your home? Complete 2009 and 2010 Conference CD sets are available using our convenient CD order form! Each 3-CD set is just $15 each, including shipping and handling!

2009 Conference (currently also available as a high-quality CD set)

2008 Conference

    Brian Kelly Listen Online Podcast (mp3)
    Tarek Saab Listen Online Podcast (mp3)
    Br. Loughlan Sofield Listen Online Podcast (mp3)
    Fr. Philip Chavez Listen Online Podcast (mp3)
    Archbishop Gainer Listen Online Podcast (mp3)