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Printable Fellowship Resources

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Download and use the free resources below to learn more about the Catholic men's fellowship movement and to begin forming small groups in your area.

The Catholic Men's Fellowship Handbook ("The Call to Holiness")
We suggest reading this first. A comprehensive resource that outlines the principals of fellowship groups, suggests guidelines and formats for meetings, and gives practical advice about starting and maintaining a group.

Companion Summary Handout
A summary of the key points from the CMF Handbook listed above.

Sample Fellowship Meeting Format
An example plan and schedule for a 90-minute small men's fellowship group meeting.

The 20 Year Milestone
Aug 2006
Reflections on the formation and core principles of the men's fellowship movement.

Discovering God's Will

Nov 2006
Thoughts on how fellowship groups help men discern God's plan for their lives.

Analysis and Goals
March 2007
The Cincinnati CMF's reflections on the knowledge and accomplishments gained through 20 years of small men's groups in the region.

Thoughts on Fellowship Meetings
June 2007
A discussion of how small men's fellowship groups help fulfill a needed role in the Church in addressing the difficulties of life.

Pre-Conference Reception Talk
February 2008
A look back on the fellowship's origins and principles and how the first conferences came about.

The Significance of Fellowship
May 2008
An essay about capturing the excitement born at a men's conference and keeping it alive through small men's fellowship groups.

Why Men Get Together
August 2008
A reflection on how small fellowship groups are an antidote to the hard knocks of life.

Fellowship- Sharing the Encounter with Jesus Christ
June 2009
Our common shared conviction is our utter dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ and our willingness to share with other men our personal encounter with Him.