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"I attended last year for the first time and the experience had a profound impact on me. I attend daily Mass more regularly, have started going to confession again, and begin almost everyday by praying and reading the bible. As a result, every aspect of life is improved and I thank God for such a wonderful gift."

"My marriage relationship seems to be better. I realize now that I have to keep giving no matter what happened and be a loving servant to my wife. I also have asked her to start going to church with me again. She has responded and is going."

"Powerful, personal experience for me; best in 30 years. It was a gift, a blessing that blew me away. The open sharing touched me to the core. Perhaps most notable is the peace I feel as I daily ask the Lord to be with me for the challenges I encounter."

"I am a sinner! I have an addictive personality. I have a drug addiction. Today I came full of anxiety and fear. Only after a few songs within the first half hour did that anxiety and fear leave. I felt the presence of the Lord. I cried. I felt a cleansing. I love Jesus. My goal is to focus on the Lord's vision and plan for my life and to lead my family in the same way."

"I know that my relationship has grown with all members of my family. Knowing that I have brothers that support and care about me, my life and my family gives me strength and encouragement to stay on the path and convince others to follow."

"One of the main reasons for writing is to tell you that I started hearing confessions at 11:50 and finished approximately at 2:30 with very little time in between each person that came to confession. The confessions were extremely real, which isn't always the case. There was not only sincerity and honesty, but also a real sense of sorrow in the people that came to me. There was also an openness to make an effort to allow Christ to come into their lives in a more meaningful way. It wan an extremely positive experience for me personally and I hope and pray for all those who attended the conference."

"Yesterday's event led to two men in my parish committing to participating in our men's group on a regular basis. They are done with excuses!"

"I join the chorus in thanking you for a terrific day. That evening, after returning home with his wife and my grandson, my son called me to express his enthusiasm for the day. Then, after some hemming and hawing, he said: "I have something else I want to say. I love you Dad." I think that's the first time this 27-year-old male was ever able to get out those words, although I never had any doubt that was what he thought. So, you were responsible for at least one little miracle of grace."

"Good job. Like Promise Keepers you are bringing men together who need to hear about Jesus and make new commitments to faith in God."

"I am 18 years old and this is the first one I've been to. This reminds me of when Christ talked to his fellows and I love it."

"Jesus was truly here. I'm glad I didn't allow my denominational barrier to prevent me from seeing God's almighty hand at work today."

"This is a very special day for me. I am 71 years old and have six children -- five of my boys are here with me today - Praise God!"

"I am blessed to be here today. It is truly inspiring to be with men who all feel driven to answer the call."



Catholic Men’s Spring Fellowship
What’s Your Story?

Saturday, March 17th, 2012
St. Michaels Hall, Fort Loramie, Ohio
Doors open 7:30am

Day includes breakfast, lunch, reconciliation and Eucharist